Our mission

Established in 1996, Industrial Adhesives Australasia Pty Ltd has achieved a glowing reputation for service, quality and reliability in the development and application of water based adhesives – of which we are justifiably proud.

With our experience in the development and manufacturing of a large range of commercial adhesives, we are sure we can meet and satisfy the adhesive needs of the industry.

Customer Support Service

In our competitive climate, it is essential to maintain excellent standards, through product quality and service, without compromising cost control. The need to improve quality and minimise costs can only be satisfied by a systematic and committed approach of our Customer Support Service.

Our Customer Support Service is offered in the following areas:

  • Consultancy.

  • Product Selection.

  • Research and Development.

  • Quality Control.

  • On site Training

  • Continuous Improvement / Service

  • Distributor Network

Our experience

Adhesives - 20 years
Network & Distribution - 15 years
Training - 12 years
Consulting - 10 years

What we are good at

The Quality Control Systems implemented within our production process ensures the consistency of our high quality products. These systems are generally created during the development of our products and often have our customers’ specific requirements incorporated within them.

Industrial Adhesives Australasia is very serious about the quality of our products because this means peace of mind for our customers. We therefore implement a QC program at our customer’s premises where the instrumentation is provided to analyse our adhesives prior to its use.

Towel and Tissue

The towel and tissue industry is perhaps the most diverse of industries. This converting process commences with a piece of paper and results in some of our most functional and necessary consumable products:

Bottle Labeling

The labeling process is perhaps on of the most complex processes. This highly demanding application must accommodate many variables:


Industrial Adhesives Australasia offers a range of envelope adhesives to assist the envelope manufacturer with the various adhesive applications within an envelope.


Industrial Adhesives Australasia manufacturers a wide range of adhesives suitable for 2 and 3 ply lamination.

Manufacturer’s Seal

Industrial Adhesives Australasia offers high performance adhesives to bond the Manufacturer’s Seal in the initial stages of carton erection.


Industrial Adhesives Australasia offers a range of PACKTAPES and PACKSTRINGS to corrugators as reinforcement in the manufacturer of stronger cartons.