Established in 1996, Industrial Adhesives Australasia (IAA) Pty Ltd strive to be world leaders in the technical development of water based adhesives solutions for our wide and varied customer base.

IAA has achieved a glowing reputation for service, quality and reliability in the development and provision of tailored, wholesale and traded water based adhesives – of which we are proud.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we partner with our Customers to ensure we understand their use of our products and that they achieve maximum efficiencies in the use of our product.

We have adopted ISO standards as the platform for our IAA System, where the IAA Business Strategy steers the direction of our Policy and supporting Systems of Work.    We routinely review our Business Strategy, this Policy and our System Performance to ensure they are in line with our goals for success and to establish annual Objectives & Targets which are set to both increase organizational knowledge and ensure continual systemic improvement.

The IAA System:

  • is developed, implemented and maintained cooperatively with all staff and participants
  • recognises and understands customer objectives and aims to meet and exceed their expectations
  • ensures a thorough understanding of our processes and potential issues to achieve an efficient operation and optimal Product and Service Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • includes consideration and compliance to industry best practice standards and the regulatory environments in which we operate
  • ensures that all personnel have the necessary resources plus the skills and training to deliver

The success of IAA System is realized by your participation, we welcome your contribution and encourage any suggestions for improvement.