Industrial Adhesives Australasia offers a range of envelope adhesives to assist the envelope manufacturer with the various adhesive applications within an envelope. We offer a range of:
• front seal adhesives
-remoistenable gums
-self-seal latex adhesives
-pressure sensitive adhesives

• side and back seam adhesives
-high speed
-high tack for paper stock with memory
-lay flat properties ( non-wrinkling)

• Window patch adhesives
-high speed synthetic adhesives
-excellent lay flat
-high tack
-glassine paper, polystyrene, polypropylene

• Hot melt packtape
-Imported product from our sister company in the US
-Easy to pull tear tape

In general, IAA offer products to suit both the older style, blank fed machines as well as the new high speed machines.

Due to the wide range of adhesives used in the envelope industry, IAA, with ongoing research and development with our customers, have been able to rationalize the number of adhesives required for some of the applications.

For further details and more information on these adhesives, please request an information bulletin from your representative.